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Publishing Information

I am very conscious of people's need for privacy. I publish no details whatsoever for any living people (except in the rare cases where they are already well-known public figures with published biographies - and even then I am sparing in what I publish). For living people, I publish only a bare skeleton tree, listing who married who and begat who - a simple list of names, with no dates, addresses, or even countries indicated. For an example, see how I handle my own family.

Protecting Personal Information

I realise this may list people's mother's maiden names, which is an ID sometimes used by banks, etc. However, the alternative would be to not list the person at all, and stop the tree completely a generation or two back. This would make the tree largely incomprehensible to family members, since they would be unable to find anyone they knew on it. I'm open to discussion on this, but in fact I don't think the maiden name issue is a big problem, for the reason that all geographical details will have stopped a generation or two before, so a thief has no way of knowing even what country this person is supposed to be living in, let alone town or city. It could be anywhere in the world. So my current policy is by default to put up a skeleton of the living (or even the recently dead).

Remove me from your family tree!

If this is too much, I am quite happy to remove you. Simply e-mail me and let me know you want to be removed from the tree. If you change your mind I can restore you later.

Could my entry on the tree please link to my homepage/email address?

Yes, please let me know and I will add it (provided it does not infringe any of your relatives' privacy). Send me pictures and info. Please remember that I am not affiliated with any organisation of any kind and nature.

Forgotten Dowlatshahi Women

I have a great interest about including our women throughout the history. Please send me the names of your grandmothers or any other Dowlatshahi women you know in your family tree.