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This is Nita Dowlatshahi, the wonderful, wise Webmaster. On top of my slave-driving job as a full time professor in a private University, I pretty much take care of this entire site: the design, the content, the updates, the family research--everything. Please send me Pictures.


I would like to thank all my family members who have helped me in creating this page. Please note that my interest in our family has lead me to creating an electronic and internet based Shajarehnameh for our family. My goal is purely academic. I have no financial interest in this project and am not a member of any political nor any religious parties or group. I was not paid by any organisation or company to create, update or research this site. This work is solely my own work based on information collected from other members of family and Eskandar's site.

Our Royal Descent

We, Dowlatshahi family members are very special. We can find out our ancestors going at least nine to ten generations back! It is amazing. This shajareh nameh is documented up to the fourth and in some cases fifth generation in the official publications historically and officially. Our family is documented in the history books. Through the work of Eskandar, we can trace the historic and official sources, and thanks to him we all know our blood line. There is is a gap of almost one hundred years. (I guess that interest shifted towards the new Pahlavi Dynasty). Our family has grown since then. I need your help to complete the Shajarehnameh online. This project is for real and I am for real. The electronic Shajareh-nameh on the internet is on its way and this is a preliminary glimpse of it. Please check the site and post to everyone else.

Please send me your old and new pictures.